Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wet n Wild DREAMWEAVER Collection

Wet n Wild DREAMWEAVER Collection

The new Wet n Wild Dreamweaver Collection is here!!

There are 6 Coloricon trio palettes in all.
*We’re Blasting Off
*Dancing In The clouds
*Enter A New Realm
*Earth Looks Small From Down Here
*Bright Idea
*Fly Me To The Moon

Much to my husband’s demise, when I spotted this collection while strolling through my RiteAid minding my own business… I actually screamed a little bit out loud.
(Ok… so I was searching like a hound dog for these after watching Emilynoel83’s video on these… and I mean I went straight to my Rite aid!!  I wasn’t going to miss out on these ones!!!)
If you are interested in any of these and have to have them, then I suggest that you run out and find them NOW… I’ve heard that only two sets of each were shipped to most Rite Aids

Side Note:
When I finally found these, they were on the bottom shelf hidden in a dark corner! Ahh.. the nerve!!