Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

The new Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation – My shade in 230 Warm Ivory


 SMART-TONE TM technology adapts to the colour and texture of skin.
Flawless natural finish.
With an Oxygen Complex.
Lets your skin breathe.

I was skeptical with this foundation… I'm not a believer in the "Smart Tone Technology" but I wanted to be proved wrong!
I found this product to be a lighter coverage foundation then I was hoping for. It's very smooth and blends easily. It went on beautifully with my Sigma flat top kabuki. It didn't dry to fast on my face so I could take my time with it. I did have to wait till it dried completely to set it with powder. It looked wonderful when it was first applied… After about 2 to 3 hours of wear, I noticed that it became very splotchy! Especially around my nose, eyes and chin (my oiliest places). The weird thing about this foundation, at least this happened on my skin, it made random spots flaky and dry…??? (I think I'll chalk this one up to hormones tho… lol)
However, it's probably a great choice for the younger, fresher faced crowd… Teenagers and 20 something's. If you have more mature skin, I would pass on this one.

I hope this helps someone J

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