Saturday, January 18, 2014

Getting Fit Journal - Weight Lifting Day 1

January 17, 2014

Weight Lifting Day 1

My family and I have been going to the gym now for 2.5 months.  We mostly stick to the “cardio” side to avoid the “meat heads” at the gym, who tend to grunt and scream on occasion. However, I have ventured over to the weight section before, but i never really had a plan and just went to machines that were open and looked easy to learn. I felt self conscious about the world of weights (not because i though I would get bulky, but because I have never really learned proper technique).

I have been feeling super motivated lately and ready to kill it at the gym.  I’ve been doing a bit of online research in regards to how a women should lift, and different weight training programs that the wonderful internet provides.  I found the most helpful information on and  Being a newbie, I needed the how, the when, and the why spelled out for me and the above mentioned sights were amazing for that.  so… on to my day 1 at the gym (of strictley weight lifting I mean).  I planned out what I wanted to do and what muscles to work for my first day.  

Here’s what I came up with
(I also had a cheat sheet in my note book of what the machines looked like so I could find them easier)

I just googled the exercise and looked for the image.  Then taped them in my note book.
Super nerdy I know, but it did help a ton!

Assisted Dips - 3 sets of 10 at 85 lbs
~This was my first time EVER on this machine and I have to say that I was a bit intimidated at first.  Its actually really kinda fun to do.  

Shoulder Press - 3 sets of 10 at 20 lbs (I could’ve done more weight but I’m starting small)
~This machine wasn’t a new one for me… I have actually jumped on this one quite a few times because it’s easy to use and figure out.

Side Lateral Raise - 3 sets of 14 at 20 lbs
~Another first time machine for me.  I’ve always seen the big guys on this, grunting and squinting and quite frankly looking like they are trying to poo… but alas, I hoped on it like I knew what to do, and as it turns out I did :-).  The first 10 of every rep were good but the last 4 were a killer!  Felt GREAT!

Seated Calve Raise - 3 sets of 15 at 65 lbs
~Honestly, I didn’t like this machine.  I will probably find another way to work out my calves or look for a different machine next time.  Just didn’t do it for me.  Being an ex dancer (hip hop, jazz, tap, ballet… ect… not of the stripper type, just to clarify), my calves have always been and remand strong.

Dumbbell Lunges & Squats - 4 sets across the room carrying 12.5 lbs weights in each hand
~Call me crazy, but I LOVE lunges and squats!  I did my squats first, with bicep curls… The did lunges across the floor still carrying the weights.  When I got to the other side, I would do the squats again.  Then repeated another 3 times. 

Abs - 3 sets of 40, 1 set of 20
~Ab exercises used to be so easy for me.  When I was a dance instructor and had multiple classes in one evening, i would include crunches in every warm up.  And not just a few either.  I want my dancers to have strong cores, and frankly I wanted that as well.  That was how I had my six pack for all them years.  But now my belly is mush and flab… time to change that!!!

So all in all, it was a great day at the gym.  I know i’m going to be sore tomorrow, but I will force myself to stretch and maybe to do some yoga.  I’m planning on only doing cardio tomorrow, but then doing weights again on sunday.  

Stay motivated, Stay healthy, Stay Happy !

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