Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life Clean Up… 2013

WOW… I’ve just realized how long it’s been since I’ve even thought about my blog!!  It’s been totally neglected and ignored over the last several months!  However, I’m hoping to change that. 

The year of 2013 is going to be the start of my “Life Clean Up…” what is that? You ask…??? 

Well, let me explain.  I am one of the most disorganized people I know and it’s starting to drive me CRAZY!!  On top of that, I’m a perpetual procrastinator!  I can talk myself out of doing anything (like cleaning or exercising), or talk myself into doing something lazy (like taking a nap, or eating just 3 more cookies, or watching YouTube for 6 hours in a row… ugh…)

SO, long story short. I’m making a plan for myself and WILL FORCE myself to stick to it.  I have so many goals for this year, and the years to come.  I want to get healthier, become more organized, be the happier more out going person I used to be.  I’ve been neglecting myself for a few years with many excuses in tow.  (I’m sure at some point I will go into detail about these excuses ;-)

  • The first plan of attack to get my life in order is to organize my house… I’ve been ADDICTED to Pinterest lately.  I’ve been pinning away like crazy! (follow me Spacedoll21) I’m mostly obsessed with the Home Decor and DIY & Crafts categories.  The Home Décor has many ideas for organization and cleaning.  I LOVE IT!  Baskets and binders are going to become my best friends J  I’m in the process of constructing a binder that will help me organize my plans and keep me on track.  Let me know if you would like to see the finished product.

DON’T FRET!!  I‘ll still be posting nail andbeauty posts as well as documenting my journey of “Life Clean UP…” (that is such a stupid name, but it’s the only thing that keeps coming to mind… lol)

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