Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Sunburned with Wet n Wild!!

Wet n Wild and I go way back... we are like old friends from way back in the Arbor Drugs days. 

I remember walking up to the corner drug store with my moms $3 just to buy some cheap wet n wild makeup.  It made me feel so grown up that I could buy a hidious looking red lipstick that wasn't the greatest, or the blue eye shadow that I had NO clue how to apply.

Fast-forward about 20 years and Wet n Wild is and always has been one of my favorite brands of makeup.  I LOVE the eye shadows, nail polish, lipsticks and blushes!!  They have really come around in my eyes over the years... the pigmentation is wonderful and totally rivels all the higher end brands like Mac, Make up forever, Nars, Benifit and even NYX (even though I love me some NYX)

Usually the only stores I could fine Wet n Wild in were CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid... But NOW my Walmart has stocked up on the line.  I also discovered today that the new stores Five Below have it as well (I'm not sure is the actual brand of store is new, but here in my area they just opened 6 brand new stores and I've never heard of it before... *breath*)

On to the Pictures and Swatches!!


These shadows are shimmery, soft and apply amazingly... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I bought this one from Walmart for $2.93


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