Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giorgio Armani - Eyes to Kill Intense

I have discovered a new obsession with anything in a pot... specifically if it's for the eyes. 
So naturally I had to buy and try the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill line.  I knew as soon as this beautifulness entered my line of vision that I had to own at least one… Even at $32 per pot… eeeekkk!!!

So low and behold I swatched em, fell in love with them all, but only bought one.

This is what the website has to say about these:

This is what I have to say about these:  I LOVE THEM ALL... I want to buy them all (But... I am not a millionaire so I will have to put a lock on my wallet and throw away the key for now…)
I like to apply this with my finger (dry) or a slightly damp shadow brush and use this as a base color.  I makes any other shadow I put over top so much better! I can put the ugliest color over top of this and it would turn out beautiful... no joke!!
As for the staying power... I'd have to say that yes it stays all day, and stays vibrant longer when applied over a eyelid primer (I’ve been using my ELF one and it works wonders… I love using extremely high end with extremely low end products.  Seems to lesson the guilt of buying the high end... call me crazy)

Now for the pictures :-)

The color I choose to purchase - 

 Eyes To Kill Number 9

What do you all think of these??  Do you think they are worth the $32 price tag??

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