Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June BIRCHBOX Awesomeness!!!

(Birchbox is a $10 a month subscribtion of Deluxe sized samples of beauty products)

(It's upside down because the other side has my address on it)

Every time I get a little pink box in the mail I tell my husband that it’s my birthday because I get so many presents… lol (BTW… yes he thinks me weird, but really, who isn’t these days!?)

Take a look at the pictures below for what came in my June Birchbox Yesterday!  They just keep getting better and better each month I stick with it!  I am so happy with this month’s deluxe (and a full sized) samples that I could just pee my pants!  Not literally of course… but damn it I’m excited!

I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about the Birchboxes when I first get mine in the mail… so you can see what I get.  Then I will make a product review video and post it to my youtube channel.


First Impression of Twirl:
Has a very fresh lavender scent to it…
reminds me a bit of my younger days
  I also love when companies have pumps on the parfume samples*
Makes me use them more often 

First Impression of Herban Essentials:
I have never heard of these before??
My plan is to keep them in my purse so I can use them when needed 

First Impression of Kiehl's Face Lotion:
I am so excited to try this product!  I have never used anything from this line.
Plus on the card that comes in the box says that this lotion hasn't even been released yet!! 

First Impression of Xen-Tan:
True story... Me yesterday at Ulta almost bought this self tanner... but for some reason I decided against it at the last minute! I'm glad I did because now I can try it before I spend the $$ on a full size bottle 

First Impression of Laura Geller:
I have been wanting to try Laura Geller products ever since I saw emilynoel83 (beautybroadcast) do a haul on her products... and just so you all know... this is an actual FULL sized product that retails for $29.50!‬‏  

The greeting card from Birchbox

List of products and the retail price for full sizes 

I hope you all enjoyed this!!  If you are subscribed to birchbox and you've already gotten your box please leave a comment and let me know what was different or the same as mine.  OR if you have a youtube and you post a video about it please link it below :-)

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